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SmokePatch™ (30 Pack) Smoking Cessation


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SmokePatch™ (30 Pack) Smoking Cessation
SmokePatch™ (30 Pack) Smoking Cessation
SmokePatch™ (30 Pack) Smoking Cessation


SmokePatch has been discontinued and we are selling off all remaining inventory.

Our brand new SmokePatch is a smoking cessation patch designed to help tobacco users quit smoking using all natural ingredients and for a fraction of the cost of standard nicotine patches.  Our SmokePatch is FDA approved and proven to be more effective than our competitors in clinical trials.

  • Up to 80% fewer withdrawals
  • Natural plant extracts help return blood oxygen levels to non-smoker levels 40% faster
  • Prevents nicotine receptors from activating, reducing your dependency from day one
  • Works within minutes and lasts all day
  • A light pleasant smell that calms and reduces stress without being overpowering or noticeable to others
  • Non-addictive, no side effects, and FDA approved
  • A fraction of the cost of the leading nicotine lozenge or time release patch brands

Ingredients:  Natural tobacco extract, codonopsis pilosula, chrysanthemum, menthol, licorice, clove, citric acid, mint, hops

Directions:  Clean and dry skin, and apply patch to your desired location either a.) inside of wrist b.) outside of upper arm between bicep and tricep or c.) upper chest below shoulder.  Replace as needed every 6-8 hours and remove prior to sleeping.

Warnings:  Stop use immediately if you encounter excessive redness, irritation, or rash.  If rash persists, consult your physician.  Not for use by pregnant or breast-feeding individuals.  Keep out of reach of children.  If swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center immediately.  Use product only as directed.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.  Do not apply to damaged skin or wounds.  Patch is designed for daytime use and should not be used overnight.

This product contains trace amounts of nicotine and is not for sale or use by minors.